You’re Not Alone: How to Find a Morgellons Support Group

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Even though Morgellons disease affects thousands of people every year, it can sometimes still feel like you’re fighting the battle alone. Unfortunately, many doctors are not educated about the condition, so you might spend your time getting them up to speed. Additionally, because of some of the more unique symptoms (including feeling a sensation of insects crawling under the skin), Morgellons can be difficult to explain to friends and family. That’s why it’s crucial for you to find a network that can support you on your journey to healing. Here are some tips to guide you in finding a Morgellons support group.


Search online for in-person groups

A simple Google search might do the trick in helping you locate an in-person Morgellons support group. You might be able to find a group that meets up right in your area. These groups are great for connecting with other Morgellons sufferers who are facing the same struggles as you. However, it might be tricky to know where to find a Morgellons support group near you, especially if you live in a smaller town or in a rural area. So an online search can be a perfect place to start to see what resources might be available near you.


Visit Morgellons awareness sites

One helpful site is The Charles E. Holman Morgellons Disease Foundation. It’s a grassroots activist group that dedicates itself to the research, education, diagnosis and treatment of Morgellons disease. The site is full of resources for patients, including current research links and health tips. You can try contacting websites like this one to see if they’re aware of any support groups near you (or online) that you may be able to join.


An online Morgellons support group can be as beneficial as an in-person group.


Head to Facebook to meet other patients

Facebook has quickly become one of the best go-to sites for connecting people with patients who have the same diagnosis. There are many online support groups through this social media avenue that are ideal if you don’t live in an area with any in-person groups. As these groups are most often ‘closed,’ you simply have to request to join the group and be approved by the admins. After that step, you’ll be able to post questions and concerns to the group and read other people’s posts as well. Because these groups are ‘closed,’ the information you share will be kept private. A few options are:

  • Morgellons Awareness – This page allows you to interact with other Morgellons patients, as well as providing you with articles and other resources to help with Morgellons awareness and recovery. Morgellons Awareness is open to everyone, so you can like or follow the page for up-to-date notifications of what’s happening within the group.
  • Morgellons Extreme and Emerging Illnesses – With over 2,300 members, this group is a welcoming forum for patients to connect with each other over their common diagnosis of Morgellons disease.
  • Morgellons: An Open Forum – This forum offers opportunities for patients to interact with over 2,500 other members in a safe environment.
  • Morgellons Healing – With over 1,400 members, this group offers a chance to get support from other Morgellons sufferers, as well as ways to get healing tips or get questions answered from others with the diagnosis.


Check out provides Morgellons patients with a way to meet other individuals with the same condition. You could try searching their site for in-person groups that meet up locally near you. If you don’t find a group near you that’s specifically for Morgellons, consider joining a group with a chronic illness theme. There could be some overlap in coping methods or healing tips that you can still find helpful. Your goal should be to find a group that can provide a supportive environment that will help you feel less alone. There are also opportunities for people to start their own MeetUp groups, so if you can’t find a group you’re interested in, think about organising one yourself.


Consider groups that meet via Skype or over the phone

During your search for support groups, you might come across some groups that hold meetings via Skype or over the phone. Just because these groups are not held in person, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get a lot of benefit from them. These types of meetings can also help you discover organisations in other countries where you can call in and participate without having to attend in person.


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Ask your doctor if they know of a local Morgellons support group you can join.


Talk with your doctor

It’s possible that your doctor knows of Morgellons support groups in your area that you might be able to check out. If you let your doctor know that you’re interested in joining a support group, they can keep their ears open for available options (especially if other patients also end up expressing interest).


Start your own group

As mentioned above, if there aren’t options for you to join a Morgellons support group, you can always start a group yourself. You can decide to do either an in-person one or an online group –whatever works best for you. This can be a good way to help raise awareness about Morgellons disease so that the condition can continue to be researched and talked about more frequently.

Even if you feel alone during your fight against Morgellons disease, you’re not. Try using these tips to find a Morgellons support group that will help you feel strong and cared for. Don’t let this disease isolate you – help is always available!