How Boswellia Can Aid In The Treatment Of Chronic Lyme Disease

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The fight against chronic Lyme disease is long and arduous. If you’re lucky enough to identify the disease in its acute window, then treatment is relatively straightforward. A course or two of common antibiotics can usually clear up a Lyme infection if it’s caught early enough. However, if the disease progresses to the chronic stage, both treatment and diagnosis become a lot more complicated. It’s no longer as simple as prescribing antibiotics, as the Lyme bacteria is too entrenched within the system for antibiotics to be 100% effective. Patients and doctors need to find other ways of combating the illness, through any means possible. One herbal extract that can aid and support the treatment of Lyme is boswellia.

Boswellia is also known as Indian frankincense. It’s an herbal extract taken from the boswellia serrata tree. It has a long history of being used in traditional African and Asian folk medicine, where it’s believed to aid the treatment of chronic inflammatory diseases. It comes in the form of resin (its natural state), cream or pill. Boswellia can be used to treat a number of conditions, but it’s most often prescribed or taken because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Many diseases, especially chronic ones, involve some kind of inflammation. For many, relief from the debilitating symptoms caused by inflammation is one of the primary aims of treatment.

Inflammation in Lyme disease is especially crippling to patients. In fact, the actual infection (the borrelia burgdorferi bacteria) does not cause many issues in chronic patients. Nearly all the traditional symptoms stem from the immune system’s response to the infection. This is why antibiotics are rarely enough to eradicate an instance of chronic Lyme disease on their own. With the immune system in overdrive, even trace amounts of the bacteria will compound the symptoms. Infection, from any virus or bacteria, is usually very sudden; it can come on and disappear very quickly, accompanied by instantaneous symptoms and effects. Inflammation is quite the opposite – it’s a slow, cumulative process that takes a long time to reverse. Natural supplements are one way to help rebalance the immune system.


Natural supplements can be an important tool in the fight against Lyme disease.


Finding the right distribution of supplements to take can be tough for patients, and it’s not advised that they go it alone. They should work in tandem with their doctor, and ideally a nutritionist, as the introduction of supplements can be a long, experimental process. Ultimately, though, patients can find success in helping their inflammation symptoms improve. Make Well is a company that offers a range of all-natural supplements, designed to support the treatment of chronic diseases such as Lyme. With the help of their doctor, patients can get started with a treatment plan, and attempt to address the numerous and debilitating inflammation symptoms caused by chronic Lyme and other long-term disorders. One newly introduced Make Well product, G.I. plus, is specifically designed to ease gut and intestinal issues through an effective combination of frankincense, myrrh, chamomile and glutamine, which can be useful for gut health during the treatment of Lyme.

The anti-inflammatory properties of boswellic acid have been documented in numerous studies over the years. But how exactly does it work? One particular study shows that boswellic acid can help prevent the formation of leukotrienes in the body. These molecules are inflammatory mediators, and use lipid signalling (very broadly, communication between proteins) to regulate the immune response. When these misfire or overload, inflammation is the inevitable result. By suppressing these leukotrienes, boswellia can help reduce inflammation, wherever it’s occurring in the body. In addition, the substance contains four key acids, which are all thought to aid in inflammation suppression. The concentration of these important acids is the method often used to rate boswellia produce. The anti-inflammatory effects, however, are mainly mediated  by frankincense preparation standardised for boswellic acids in their chemical ß-configuration. The standardisation of boswellic acid extract is therefore an important quality feature in nutritional supplements containing frankincense.


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Boswellia can help reduce the gut issues many chronic Lyme disease patients experience.


Boswellia can also support and aid good intestinal health, another key factor in successfully fighting back against Lyme. The mucosal lining of the gut is particularly prone to inflammation, and many patients with chronic Lyme disease experience some kind of intestinal discomfort or complications. In addition, a healthy gut is needed for the fight back against chronic Lyme, as it plays a significant role in the immune response, and also resistance to future infections. If the mucosal lining is inflamed, then nutrients aren’t absorbed as well, leading to depleted energy and compounding the fatigue effects of the chronic condition. Boswellic acid is also effective at reducing the inflammation found in the bone joints, a very common symptom of chronic Lyme.

All in all, it’s hard to point to one specific thing that is a one-size-fits-all remedy for chronic Lyme disease. The disease is much more complicated than that, and often requires a specific combination of elements to treat. Supplements like boswellia can support and aid treatment, in conjunction with antibiotics and other informed treatment from Lyme-literate doctors. Just be sure to check with a medical professional before you start adding them to your daily diet, to ensure you’re taking the right amount and getting the very best out of them that you can.