4 Ways Detoxification Can Help Those Suffering From Chronic Illness

Make Well - detoxification

When most people think of detoxification, they think of it in relation to drugs – specifically, in reference to a program used to wean drug users off their addiction. However, in 2019, the concept of detoxification can apply to a broad range of health issues, especially those linked with chronic illness. Chronic diseases, like Lyme disease or fibromyalgia, can affect the body in many different ways. When it comes to chronic Lyme especially, symptoms and severity can differ widely from person to person. There is no one tried and tested cure for many chronic diseases, so we have to look at ways to naturally support the body as it fights back against the condition.

Detoxification is essentially a term for cleansing the body. Throughout our daily lives and through the food we eat, we all collect a certain amount of toxins and reactive oxygen species. They’re largely unavoidable in twenty-first century life, and not only come from the environment, but also as a product of metabolism. However, we all have a threshold for toxicity, and when it’s crossed, the effects on our bodies can be devastating. This is where detoxification can be extremely beneficial, allowing our bodies to return to their natural state as best they can, flushing out the toxins in the process. However, if you’re planning a detox, be sure to consult with a qualified nutritionist and doctor before going about it – a proper, informed process is necessary.


Make Well - detox
If you have a chronic illness, be sure to consult with a health professional before embarking on a detox.


  1. Improved Immune Function

The liver is one of the largest organs in the body. Its function is to process nutrients and remove waste products from the things we ingest. It is responsible for detoxification and storage of energy in the form of glycogen, and works incredibly hard throughout our lives on this critical task. The liver is also an important component of the immune system, and contains many activated immune cells. When it comes to chronic diseases, the immune system is usually severely compromised; for example, with Lyme disease, the immune system’s disproportionate response to the infection is the cause of many debilitating inflammation symptoms. Cleansing the liver can be an important step in supporting and restoring the immune response to optimum levels. The amount of toxins in your system may be impairing your liver’s function, so the quicker you start removing them, the quicker your liver can fight back against any kind of disease you might be suffering from.


  1. Improved Gastrointestinal Function

The gut is also an important part of our body when it comes to the immune system. It’s full of friendly flora, which protect us against pathogens we may ingest through our mouths. However, like the liver, the gut process can become strained with too many toxins, meaning that it doesn’t function correctly, and doesn’t protect us as well as it should. Detoxification helps in flushing out toxins via the gut by binding them to detoxifying agents – for example, in the chlorella microalgae. When it comes to the gastrointestinal system, that means a particular focus on diet. Many modern diets consist of high quantities of food that keep metabolic waste and radical levels high, such as sugar, empty carbs, alcohol and salt. Cutting these out will give your system a chance to recover. Combining a healthy diet with a supplement plan of probiotics can also reinforce the friendly bacteria in your gut. Make Well is a company that specialises in the support of treatment for chronic diseases, via their line-up of all natural products. When it comes to detoxification, supplements such as these can work wonders alongside a strong nutrition program.


  1. Improved Skin

Toxins can play havoc with our skin, and so can some chronic diseases. Morgellons disease, a potential offshoot of Lyme, produces some truly bizarre and intimidating skin-based symptoms that present in the form of rashes, lesions and fibre-like growths. Many skin issues like eczema, psoriasis and rashes can be cleared up not by what you put on your body, but by what you put in it. Again, a bad diet high in toxins can often exacerbate and prolong skin conditions, without giving them a chance to heal. A successful detoxification can lead to healthier, better-looking skin. Don't forget that an important part of detoxification is drinking plenty of fresh, still water. This is also enormously important for vital and healthy skin.


Make Well - drinking water
Water is one of the best natural detoxification agents around.


  1. Obesity and Overweight Deterrent

Our diet also impacts our weight, somewhat obviously; in fact, this is probably the first thing we think of when we consider what we eat and why we should or shouldn’t eat it. A diet high in toxins can contribute to obesity, but so can chronic diseases. Many chronic diseases leave patients with a sense of constant fatigue, meaning that they need to sleep a lot more, and aren’t able to do as much exercise as they like. Many Lyme patients report weight issues after being diagnosed with the disease, and a bad diet only adds to the problem. With the right detoxification strategy, obesity and weight problems can be tackled successfully, leading you to a healthier body mass index. This in turn will take some strain off your already overworked system, giving your immune response more energy and focus to attend to the underlying chronic issue.