4 Ways To Manage Spring Fatigue Disorder

Make Well - spring fatigue disorder

Does the arrival of spring leave you feeling low? You’re not alone. While many eagerly await the warmth of spring after a long, cold winter, others find themselves struggling with a sudden sense of lethargy. It’s a sensation experienced around the world – for example, 50-75% of Germans have reportedly felt its effect. If you’re too exhausted to even think about spring cleaning or getting out and enjoying the beauty of the season, you may be experiencing spring fatigue disorder.
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8 Foods That Naturally Boost Energy Levels

Make Well - leafy green vegetables

Feeling like you’re constantly tired? Most people are so busy with their day-to-day lives, they can end up feeling like they’re running on fumes a lot of the time. Well, instead of chugging down another espresso or energy drink, there are some better options that will actually help your body have more energy and feel less run-down – without added caffeine or unhealthy ingredients. Plus, if you’re struggling with a chronic illness (such as Lyme disease), you’ll need all the
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5 Ways You Can Easily Get Bitten By A Tick

Make Well - Tick

As the temperature heats up and tick season descends, many people are wondering how best to avoid being bitten by these small but dangerous insects. They are known carriers of a host of diseases, many of which can be passed on to humans through the bloodstream. The most notorious of these contagious conditions is undoubtedly Lyme Disease, a sinister, dangerous and somewhat misunderstood disorder that infects hundreds of thousands of people across the world every year. If left unchecked, Lyme
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