6 Surprising Factors That Can Influence the Immune System

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This article is intended for customers from all countries other than Germany* One of the most important systems we have in our bodies is the immune system. By fighting off infection and working to keep us healthy, it’s a vital part of battling illness. People with chronic conditions such as Lyme disease have to take even better care of their immune systems to ensure that their immunity doesn’t become compromised. Even benign colds or a standard flu can wreak havoc
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12 Natural Remedies For Patients With Lyme Disease

This article is intended for customers from all countries other than Germany* Lyme disease is currently reaching epidemic levels across the globe, causing doctors, scientists and politicians to sound the alarm. There are 30,000 cases reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) each year in the US; however, many estimate that the true number of infections may be ten times this amount (that’s 300,000!). In the UK, there are currently 2,000–3,000 annual reported cases with real numbers
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Is It Time For Social Policy To Reflect The Growing Incidence Of Chronic Disease?

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This article is intended for customers from all countries other than Germany* Everyone with any experience of Lyme disease knows that it can be severely debilitating in multiple ways. Patients have to deal with numerous symptoms – and that’s even if they’re lucky enough to be diagnosed in the first place. It’s estimated that thousands of cases of Lyme go misdiagnosed every year, though of course the exact number is hard to quantify. With misdiagnosis rates so high, it’s logical
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7 Foods That Benefit Liver Function

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This article is intended for customers from all countries other than Germany*   The liver is one of the most important organs in the entire body. It’s also the largest, dominating much of the right side of the abdomen. Everybody knows that our diet directly contributes to how our bodies function, and that good nutrition is an important part of keeping healthy. However, it can be hard to keep track of which foods benefit which organ, especially with all the
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What Makes A Good Dietary Supplement? Important Customer Information

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In 2019, the world is more health-conscious than it’s ever been. This has translated into widespread vegetarianism and veganism, a boom nutritionist industry, and the rise of dietary supplements. The latter in particular is enjoying a lengthy spell in the sun, with a recent U.S. study estimating that 75% of American adults availed of dietary supplements in 2018, compared to just 65% a decade earlier. But as with any industry, especially one that’s on the up and up, there are
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What Are The Stages Of Morgellons Disease?

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There are few medical conditions that have been as instantly controversial as Morgellons disease. It was discovered in 2001 by a woman named Mary Leitao, whose young son complained of ‘bugs’ crawling under his skin, and presented with sores around his mouth. When Leitao examined these sores, she discovered strange fibre-like objects (red, blue, white and black in colour), which appeared to grow out of the sores. Doctors examined her son and found nothing wrong, dismissing Leitao’s claims as hysteria
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What Clothing Can Protect Me From Ticks?

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It can be wonderful to spend time in the great outdoors, communing with nature. However, being in nature can sometimes be dangerous if you’re heading straight into tick habitats. Because ticks can be carriers for Lyme disease, it’s important that you know how to protect yourself from them all year round. Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about how to keep yourself safe from tick bites.   What are ticks? Ticks are bugs that are related to
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Can A Skin Biopsy Diagnose Morgellons Disease?

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Morgellons disease is a controversial skin condition, and the search for the true cause has stumped the medical community worldwide. No medical researcher has been able to find scientific evidence of where the disease’s tell-tale signs originate. It has led to a divide in the medical community’s stance on the disease, right down to the most basic facts – like whether the illness is physical or, in fact, mental. People living with Morgellons disease may report side effects that impact
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Meditation, Deep Breathing & Yoga: How Stress-Reducing Activities Can Help Treat Lyme Disease

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Battling chronic Lyme disease is no easy task. The disease is surprisingly debilitating and continues to worsen over time. Any and all measures that help stem the flow of Lyme are recommended, and many patients find that a multi-pronged approach is necessary. But part of the problem with treatment is the lack of qualified doctors. As chronic Lyme is not recognised as a fully legitimate condition in many circles, there is a distinct lack of medical expertise surrounding the disorder.
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Why Morgellons Disease Is Sometimes Misdiagnosed As Munchausen Syndrome

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Morgellons disease has a fabled history that makes it a sensitive subject among patients and practitioners alike. Aside from puzzling physical symptoms, Morgellons disease is often accompanied by changes in a patient’s mental functioning as well, causing it to frequently be misdiagnosed as a form of mental illness – like Munchausen syndrome or delusional parasitosis. Whether a practitioner chooses to treat the physical symptoms or focus instead on treating the mind is a key difference in the patient experience. The
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