Chronic Illness And Cold Weather: 3 Steps To Protect Yourself

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Winter can be a magical time for most people, wherever they are in the world. Sure, the temperature drops significantly, but in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s the ever-present promise of Christmas, the comfort of an open fire and the charm of snowy weather. For some, however, winter is a concerning time, filled with aches and pains and the danger of an already existing illness flaring up. For patients who suffer from chronic conditions, winter is a time they’d much rather
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How To Stay Stress-Free Through The Christmas Season

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Despite its intention as a season of warmth, cheer and relaxation, Christmas is often an incredibly stressful time for many people. December seems to shoot by in the blink of an eye, and between the numerous social commitments, gift lists and family planning, there’s barely time to breathe. There’s also the cold weather to contend with; as winter sets in and the days get shorter, there’s always the increased risk of catching a cold or flu and being bed-bound for
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The Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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Eating healthily is all well and good and is certainly encouraged by medical professionals, but in some cases, what we eat can have a major effect on specific conditions. The stuff we put into our bodies is broken down in the stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream. The stomach and digestive system are sometimes called ‘the second brain’ because of their importance to the body’s overall health, and the way they regulate how we respond to certain diseases and disorders
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The History Of Herbal Supplements And Chronic Diseases

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Although herbal supplements and medicines can be traced backwards through many decades of history, they have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few decades. They are now a legitimate consideration for those afflicted by many forms of diseases, especially chronic varieties. These conditions often require intensive, long-term pharmaceutical treatment, which come with a risk of side effects and a number of safety concerns. In 2018, many patients are wary of copious rounds of antibiotics, and don’t see
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What Are The First Warning Signs Of Morgellons Disease?

Not a lot of people know exactly what Morgellons disease is, and even fewer can claim to know where it comes from or what causes it. However, if you’re unfortunate enough to have a personal experience with this strange, debilitating disease, chances are you know much more than you’d ever want to about Morgellons, even if you don’t know its name. This might sound like a contradiction; however, despite large amounts of sufferers coming forward over the years, the disease
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5 Nutrition Tips For Anyone Fighting Chronic Disease

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Chronic diseases come in many forms. They can leave the body weakened and fatigued on a day-to-day basis, and treatment paths can often be long and difficult. However, one of the best ways to fight back against the symptoms of chronic disease is through a healthy diet. Simple changes in our eating habits can produce dramatic effects, and while they won’t provide a cure in and of itself, they can support the body in its constant fight against the disorder.
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8 Animals That Carry Ticks

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Want to know how to steer clear of Lyme-carrying ticks? Your best bet is to stay pretty far away from wildlife. There are many animals that carry ticks, and those ticks can then hop off the animal to feed off you. Here’s a look at which animals carry ticks and how you can protect yourself from tick bites. The main animal that generally carries ticks is deer. In fact, the black-legged tick is actually more commonly known as the deer
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6 Healthy Recipes That Are Perfect For Lyme Patients

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Eating well is an important part of Lyme disease treatment, and one that many people underestimate. Fighting back against this incredibly debilitating disorder is a daily struggle, and we need to give our bodies the best chance at overcoming the infection. There is, unfortunately, no one-size-fits-all cure for chronic Lyme, and although antibiotics can be an important element of treatment, they’re not the magic bullet that many people (and some doctors) believe them to be. The good news is that
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4 Improvements In Lyme Disease Treatment In The Last 10 Years

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Lyme disease has increased in prevalence in recent years, but thankfully, the effectiveness of treatment has also increased. Here are four key improvements to Lyme disease treatment that have come about in the last 10 years.   1. Higher visibility   Lyme disease is a problem all over the world. Most people have heard about it, but only a relative few take it as seriously as it needs to be taken. Most people in Europe consider it an American disease;
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4 Indicators of Lyme Disease That You Should Watch Out For

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The number of cases of Lyme disease has steadily increased, with hundreds of thousands of instances reported throughout Europe every year. Because Lyme disease is such a significant threat (especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time in nature or works outdoors), you should know what to look for if you have been bitten by a tick. Here are the four major indicators that you’ve contracted Lyme disease.   Red bullseye rash   One of the most noticeable
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