The effects that the right nutrition can have on chronic inflammation are widely underestimated. Many patients with these types of afflictions also suffer from over-acidification. The right nutrition (alkaline and anti-inflammatory) along with changing certain eating habits can significantly reduce the afflictions caused by chronic inflammation. Even if your nutrition is alkaline, the way that you eat can over-acidify your body; food that cannot be processed properly during digestion becomes acidic and turns into ‘poison’.

Basic rules for eating:

Eat slowly and chew properly! When the food is mixed with saliva, it helps it to become alkaline. Don’t eat too much at once.
If you eat raw food and vegetables after 5 p.m., it can lead to fermentation processes.

Eating wholesome, alkaline foods gives you energy!

When they’re in the body, some foods act ‘acidic’ and other foods act ‘alkaline’ and we cannot always rely on our taste to determine which is which. For example, sour food is alkaline-generating because fruit is full of organic alkaline (citrate and maleate) and alkaline minerals (potassium and magnesium). In today’s world, our nutrition does not include enough alkaline food (such as fibres, fruit and vegetables) but is instead full of too much acidifying food like meat and simple carbohydrates.

How to choose the right food?

Make sure that you eat wholesome, organic and fresh food! During industrial food processing, important nutrients are destroyed and therefore the food becomes acidic when digested. Make sure that you avoid (or only eat small quantities of) processed food with artificial colours or flavours.

Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables that are rich in vital substances like minerals, vitamins, enzymes, natural flavour and colourings, fibres, etc.

Avoid refined sugar and white flour:
During the chemical process of refining sugar, important enzymes and vitamins are lost. The body needs these to digest and when they’re not present the body loses vital substance while digesting and then turns the food acidic. (Note: Brown sugar is bleached less than white sugar.)
The grains in white flour are not ground fully; the outer layer of the grain is eliminated to avoid it from becoming rancid and to extend its shelf life. During this process, vital substances and trace elements are lost.

I am what I eat, drink and think.

If you do not have time to change your nutrition systematically then you should consider taking dietary supplements, especially if you suffer from chronic inflammation, when your body is over-acidified or when you have other deficits.

Full nutrition guidelines will be available soon.