How To Minimise Side Effects Of Strong Medication

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Prescription drugs are a large part of why our collective health in 2018 is so positive. They perform many duties for us – healing sickness, easing pains and regulating long-term or chronic conditions. However, it’s no big secret that strong prescription medication can come with potentially debilitating side effects. The specific set of side effects a patient might suffer from is almost impossible to quantify, as it’s different for everyone. The severity of the symptoms will also undoubtedly differ from
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5 Reasons Why Sleep Is So Important When Fighting Chronic Disease

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When you’re dealing with chronic disease, it’s essential that you’re doing everything you can to take care of yourself. Maybe you’ve learned to take more breaks during your busy day or eat healthier meals. But if you’re like most people, you’re probably neglecting one extremely important aspect that can help you with your fight: sleep! Here are some reasons why you should make getting lots of high-quality, restful sleep your number one priority. 1. Sleep can give you energy Getting
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How Mindfulness Can Help You Cope with Chronic Illness

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If you suffer from a chronic illness, you’ve probably had at least one doctor or friend who has suggested activities that promote mindfulness – whether that’s yoga, meditation, tai chi or something similar. But when you’re suffering from serious symptoms, it can be difficult to see how these suggestions can actually help you feel better. So here’s a breakdown of how practising mindfulness can support you on your healing journey. The main focus of mindfulness is to stay present and
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Chronic Illness And Cold Weather: 3 Steps To Protect Yourself

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Winter can be a magical time for most people, wherever they are in the world. Sure, the temperature drops significantly, but in the Northern Hemisphere, there’s the ever-present promise of Christmas, the comfort of an open fire and the charm of snowy weather. For some, however, winter is a concerning time, filled with aches and pains and the danger of an already existing illness flaring up. For patients who suffer from chronic conditions, winter is a time they’d much rather
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The Top 5 Anti-Inflammatory Foods

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Eating healthily is all well and good and is certainly encouraged by medical professionals, but in some cases, what we eat can have a major effect on specific conditions. The stuff we put into our bodies is broken down in the stomach and absorbed into the bloodstream. The stomach and digestive system are sometimes called ‘the second brain’ because of their importance to the body’s overall health, and the way they regulate how we respond to certain diseases and disorders
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The History Of Herbal Supplements And Chronic Diseases

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Although herbal supplements and medicines can be traced backwards through many decades of history, they have seen a dramatic increase in popularity over the last few decades. They are now a legitimate consideration for those afflicted by many forms of diseases, especially chronic varieties. These conditions often require intensive, long-term pharmaceutical treatment, which come with a risk of side effects and a number of safety concerns. In 2018, many patients are wary of copious rounds of antibiotics, and don’t see
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5 Nutrition Tips For Anyone Fighting Chronic Disease

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Chronic diseases come in many forms. They can leave the body weakened and fatigued on a day-to-day basis, and treatment paths can often be long and difficult. However, one of the best ways to fight back against the symptoms of chronic disease is through a healthy diet. Simple changes in our eating habits can produce dramatic effects, and while they won’t provide a cure in and of itself, they can support the body in its constant fight against the disorder.
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How Herbal Supplements Help Patients With Chronic Disease

Thinking outside the box is critically important when it comes to medicine. There are so many insidious disorders out there that sometimes conventional medicine doesn’t have all the answers, and other options are worth exploring. If you take a look back through the annals of medicinal history, you’ll see that holistic and naturalistic treatments feature prominently; they date back to China, where they were first developed many hundreds of years ago, and continue all the way through to contemporary medicine.
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5 Reasons Why Exercise Is Crucial In Fighting Chronic Illness

There are many different types of chronic diseases out there, but whatever you suffer from, regular exercise can be an important component of your treatment plan. Of course, some chronic conditions are so debilitating at times that it seems like the very last thing you can do is exercise, let alone get out of bed. However, if you can bring yourself to implement some workouts into your daily schedule, no matter how small, you can slowly and steadily fight back
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