How To Distinguish Between Symptoms Of Summer Fatigue And Lyme Disease

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As summer rolls in, most people are happy for the opportunity to get out and about in the sunshine. The dark, cold hours of winter are gone for another year, and with the summer comes long days, warm nights and the opportunity for barbecues, swimming, sunbathing and picnics. However, it’s not all sunshine and smiles; as with any season, there are some health concerns that come along with the summer, not least of all summer fatigue. Unfortunately, the symptoms of
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Should Lyme Disease Awareness Month Move From May To April?

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As we move into the month of May, spring is in full swing and summer is visible on the horizon. This time of year is also significant for Lyme patients and their families, since May is Lyme Disease Awareness month. Lyme activists around the world use the 31 days of May to engage in a variety of activities designed to promote awareness about the disease and raise funds for its continued research. Lyme is a controversial subject that needs all
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Hepatoprotection: How Artichokes Can Have A Positive Effect On The Liver

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Did you know that your liver holds around 13% of the body’s blood supply at any given moment? Or that it consists of two lobes, each of which are made up of segments that themselves consist of 1,000 smaller lobes known as lobules? This amazing organ is as fascinating as it is important. The role of the liver in maintaining good health simply can’t be overstated. Shaped like a cone and weighing approximately 48 ounces, the liver has been found
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What Is Black Cumin And How Can It Help In The Fight Against Chronic Disease?

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When it comes to chronic disease, there is usually no one hard and fast route to recovery. As hard as that might be for some patients to accept, it’s an unfortunate truth. Many long-term diseases take years to truly recover from, and many have no positive prognosis at all. Chronic Lyme disease falls somewhere in the middle; it can take a long time to recover from, and treatment is a long, drawn-out process that is often hampered by medical professionals
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4 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Is Often Misunderstood By Doctors

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Despite the fact that Lyme disease is a prevalent disorder on every continent bar Antarctica, we still don’t have a good grip on it. Most people know it’s spread by tick bites and is predominant in the north-eastern United States, which is true, but only relatively so. Lyme disease continues to spread around the world, with numbers of cases increasing year after year. Unfortunately, our medical knowledge is not keeping up with the incessant spread of the disorder, meaning that
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How Lyme Disease Affects Your Metabolism

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Lyme disease is a severely debilitating disorder that affects many facets of a patient’s body. It is caused by the pathogen borrelia, an insidious strain of bacteria that cements itself in the patient’s system over time, making it very hard to treat if missed in the early stages. Acute Lyme is identified as the first stage of the disease; at this stage, symptoms can mimic the flu. The acute stage lasts for a few weeks and, if caught at this
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10 Celebrities Who Have Gone Public With Their Battle With Lyme Disease

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Lyme disease is a condition that isn’t super well-known to people, which can make those suffering from it feel alone. Fortunately, a growing number of celebrities have become more open about sharing their own experiences battling Lyme disease. Here’s a look at 10 well-known names who are helping to increase awareness of the condition.   Shania Twain This country singer has been a star since the ‘90s but she had to keep problems with her voice under wraps to avoid
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The 6 Most Common Lyme Disease Co-Infections

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In 2018, many people have heard of Lyme disease and are vaguely aware of the dangers it poses. We face a constant struggle in trying to reckon with this debilitating disease, but in recent years, it’s safe to say awareness is growing, for both patients and doctors alike. Lyme is fast becoming an epidemic, and global warming isn’t helping the situation, as it allows ticks to live longer and travel farther, and keeps people outside for more months of the
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5 Nutrition Tips For Anyone Fighting Chronic Disease

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Chronic diseases come in many forms. They can leave the body weakened and fatigued on a day-to-day basis, and treatment paths can often be long and difficult. However, one of the best ways to fight back against the symptoms of chronic disease is through a healthy diet. Simple changes in our eating habits can produce dramatic effects, and while they won’t provide a cure in and of itself, they can support the body in its constant fight against the disorder.
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4 Improvements In Lyme Disease Treatment In The Last 10 Years

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Lyme disease has increased in prevalence in recent years, but thankfully, the effectiveness of treatment has also increased. Here are four key improvements to Lyme disease treatment that have come about in the last 10 years.   1. Higher visibility   Lyme disease is a problem all over the world. Most people have heard about it, but only a relative few take it as seriously as it needs to be taken. Most people in Europe consider it an American disease;
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