How Boswellia Can Aid In The Treatment Of Chronic Lyme Disease

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The fight against chronic Lyme disease is long and arduous. If you’re lucky enough to identify the disease in its acute window, then treatment is relatively straightforward. A course or two of common antibiotics can usually clear up a Lyme infection if it’s caught early enough. However, if the disease progresses to the chronic stage, both treatment and diagnosis become a lot more complicated. It’s no longer as simple as prescribing antibiotics, as the Lyme bacteria is too entrenched within
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The 6 Most Common Lyme Disease Co-Infections

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In 2018, many people have heard of Lyme disease and are vaguely aware of the dangers it poses. We face a constant struggle in trying to reckon with this debilitating disease, but in recent years, it’s safe to say awareness is growing, for both patients and doctors alike. Lyme is fast becoming an epidemic, and global warming isn’t helping the situation, as it allows ticks to live longer and travel farther, and keeps people outside for more months of the
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The 5 Major Symptoms of Morgellons Disease

Ever since its introduction back in 2001, Morgellons has been a contentious subject for the medical world at large. Part of this controversy has to do with the way it was discovered and named; a woman named Mary Leitao initially recognised the bizarre and unique symptoms in her youngest son. When she searched for answers, she was met with a wall of disbelief, and accusations of psychiatric disorders. Yet Leitao persevered, and eventually took matters into her own hands by
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What’s In Your Medicine? A Guide to Make Well’s APP Plus

While it’s true that antibiotics are an effective way to treat most infections, some run deeper than others and require a more considered approach. One such disease is Lyme, which infects the body of the sufferer to an incredible degree, often over long stretches of time. If it’s caught in its early stages, i.e. three to four weeks, then antibiotics alone can manage to clear it up. However, if it slips by undetected, or is written off as a fever
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What’s In Your Medicine? A Guide to Make Well’s Energy Plus

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Lyme disease is a crippling infection that can often lie undetected and dormant for years. Known as ‘The Great Imitator’, it can mimic the symptoms of other diseases such as multiple sclerosis and fibromyalgia, leaving patients and doctors alike totally puzzled by the symptoms. In its early stages, the hours and days following the offending tick bite, the disease is much easier to both diagnose and treat; a bullseye rash is sometimes present, and the symptoms mimic those of a
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Why It’s Important to Exercise During Your Lyme Treatment

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Treatment of chronic Lyme disease is a long and complicated process. While in the acute stage, Lyme is relatively easy to expel, because the borrelia bacteria that causes the disorder has not had a chance to fully invade the sufferer’s system. However, if that window is missed and the infection bacteria has had a long time to entrench itself in the body, it won’t respond effectively to just one round of antibiotics. The patient must use a multi-pronged approach in
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Why is Morgellons Such a Controversial Disorder?

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Morgellons is a relatively new addition to the spectrum of human disorders, yet it remains an extremely controversial topic in medical circles. This is particularly strange for a disease with such unique and distinctive symptoms; unlike more insidious disorders that can mirror or imitate other, more widespread afflictions, Morgellons has a set of symptoms all its own. Which makes it all the more curious why it has continually been dismissed as a psychiatric disorder, when such obvious physical manifestations are
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