The 6 Most Common Lyme Disease Co-Infections

Make Well - doctor and patient

In 2018, many people have heard of Lyme disease and are vaguely aware of the dangers it poses. We face a constant struggle in trying to reckon with this debilitating disease, but in recent years, it’s safe to say awareness is growing, for both patients and doctors alike. Lyme is fast becoming an epidemic, and global warming isn’t helping the situation, as it allows ticks to live longer and travel farther, and keeps people outside for more months of the
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The Importance of Treating All Co-Infections of Lyme Disease, with Dr. Nicolaus

Make Well - doctor

Dr. Carsten Nicolaus has been treating tick-borne diseases from his clinic in Augsburg for many years. Over that time, he’s seen many different variants of chronic Lyme disease, and has helped hundreds of patients in their constant battle against the disorder. However, it’s not always simply Lyme disease that Dr. Nicolaus and his team are up against. Many people think that Lyme is one singular condition, but in fact, the Lyme bacteria (borrelia) can infect a person simultaneously alongside other
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