4 Reasons Why Lyme Disease Is Often Misunderstood By Doctors

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Despite the fact that Lyme disease is a prevalent disorder on every continent bar Antarctica, we still don’t have a good grip on it. Most people know it’s spread by tick bites and is predominant in the north-eastern United States, which is true, but only relatively so. Lyme disease continues to spread around the world, with numbers of cases increasing year after year. Unfortunately, our medical knowledge is not keeping up with the incessant spread of the disorder, meaning that
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How Lyme Disease Can Affect Your Mental Health

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Dealing with any type of chronic illness can have a negative effect on your mental health. Besides coping with your symptoms, you have to navigate the complicated medical world of doctor’s appointments and tests – all while managing to still care for yourself. You might experience heightened anxiety or bouts with depression because of this struggle. If you have Lyme disease, these battles can be even more difficult. This condition is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood, which can end up having
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How Seasonal Affective Disorder Can Be Mistaken for Lyme Disease

Because not all doctors are trained to properly spot and diagnose Lyme disease, there are many people who end up getting misdiagnosed with other conditions. One common misdiagnosis is Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), which does have some similarities to Lyme disease. Here’s a breakdown of why these conditions are sometimes confused for one another. Seasonal Affective Disorder is a mental illness that affects millions of people throughout Europe. It’s categorised as a type of depression that occurs at the same
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4 Improvements In Lyme Disease Treatment In The Last 10 Years

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Lyme disease has increased in prevalence in recent years, but thankfully, the effectiveness of treatment has also increased. Here are four key improvements to Lyme disease treatment that have come about in the last 10 years.   1. Higher visibility   Lyme disease is a problem all over the world. Most people have heard about it, but only a relative few take it as seriously as it needs to be taken. Most people in Europe consider it an American disease;
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I Got Bitten by a Tick: Do I Have Lyme Disease?

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If you’ve been bitten by a tick, you might be worried that you have contracted Lyme disease. It can be a stressful process to determine if you have Lyme disease and to begin treatment. Here’s everything you need to know about the condition and what steps you should take to get back to good health. Lyme disease (also known as Lyme borreliosis) is a bacterial disease that’s transmitted from infected ticks to humans. It is a common disease in Europe
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How Lyme Disease Affects Patients‘ Immune Systems

Every year, 30,000 new cases of Lyme are reported to the American Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, and that number doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Elsewhere, Lyme has infected almost every country on the globe, resulting in numerous debilitating symptoms that aren’t well understood by the medical community at large. Lyme disease is transmitted to humans via tick bites, with various species of tick carrying the Borrelia burgdorferi bacteria required for human infection. Despite
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5 Ways Chronic Lyme Disease is Different from Acute Lyme Disease

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While undoubtedly a prolific affliction, Lyme disease remains something of a mystery to many medical professionals. It’s an odd, enigmatic disease, that mutates and transforms the longer it stays in the body. It is spread by ticks, who attach themselves to humans by a variety of transference methods; most likely, people will become infected with the disease when they’re out walking in the country. Long grass is an especially prolific place for ticks to lie in wait; often people don’t
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5 Symptoms to Watch Out For After a Tick Bite

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As spring turns to summer, tick bites are on the rise all over the world. There are a variety of illness associated with tick bites, ranging from the mild to the severe, which must be taken into account when confronted with a tick bite. Although they’re small, these tiny insects have the capacity to do a lot of damage to the human body, especially if the malady is left untreated or goes unnoticed in the initial stages.   The main
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Why is it so Challenging to Diagnose Lyme Disease?

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In the pantheon of human afflictions, Lyme disease is significantly underestimated. This insidious condition affects hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe every year, yet its detection, diagnosis and treatment are routinely a challenge for both doctors and patients alike. Lyme is actually considered to be one of the fastest growing infectious diseases in both America and Europe, but it’s largely misunderstood and underdiagnosed on both continents, especially the latter. Why is this exactly? The answer lies in
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