How Mindfulness Can Help You Cope with Chronic Illness

Make Well - mindfulness

If you suffer from a chronic illness, you’ve probably had at least one doctor or friend who has suggested activities that promote mindfulness – whether that’s yoga, meditation, tai chi or something similar. But when you’re suffering from serious symptoms, it can be difficult to see how these suggestions can actually help you feel better. So here’s a breakdown of how practising mindfulness can support you on your healing journey. The main focus of mindfulness is to stay present and
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5 Ways To Achieve A Proper Night’s Sleep

Make Well - Sleep

It’s no secret that many of us fail to get the recommended amount of sleep. For 99% of people across the world, this means seven to nine hours of uninterrupted, solid sleep each and every night. For a large majority, this sounds like fantasy, as we are constantly belaboured with things to do, leading to many people only clocking in around six hours or less. Unfortunately, all those missed hours add up; they are known as ‘ sleep debt’, and over
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