Why Winter Can Play Havoc With Your Immune System

Make Well - girl in warm clothes

Many things are associated with the season of winter: open fires, Christmas wreaths, crisp rambles in barren, beautiful landscapes, and delightfully layered clothing. These are the positive things. The negative things are also unfortunately omnipresent – chills, coughs, aches, pains and the ever-decreasing temperature. It’s no secret that winter can play absolute havoc with our immune systems, and although you can get sick in any season, the threat ramps up significantly in winter. But why is that, exactly? How do
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Why Ticks Are Still Dangerous in Autumn and Winter

Make Well - autumn

With more than 3,000 cases of Lyme disease occurring in the UK every year, it’s imperative that people learn to protect themselves from ticks (which are carriers for the infections that cause this often chronic condition). It’s important to note that although some insects are less active during colder months, ticks can be just as dangerous in autumn and winter. Read on for information about why you should still be focused on preventing tick bites during colder months and how
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